ReMarketable connects technology companies to new solution vendors.

As a technology company, you are successful with your product in the market you serve. This is where you have your references, your network and your revenue. But what would delivering to additional markets do for your revenue? ReMarketable applies your proven technology in new markets, in new ways, through existing channels. We build the bridge between technology companies and market-oriented solution vendors. And once that bridge is there, we ensure it is crossed. All on a “no-results-no-pay basis”: we are successful only when you are!

As a market oriented solution vendor, you deliver solutions and services to a market you know. Your solutions are appreciated by your customers. You are exploring the market for additional customers every day. But, as you know, it is always easier to sell into your existing customer base. Cross-selling and up-selling can be done at a fraction of the costs of acquiring a new customer. To do this, you need additional solutions and services to deliver. ReMarketable expands your portfolio with proven technology, that adds value for your customers and grows your business.

ReMarketable is the developer of the Medical Data Recorder: